Your new & improved Razoo Fundraiser

We've made your fundraising page simpler, cleaner, and more beautiful than ever before. This all-new platform is redesigned from the ground up to create an easy-to-use, socially-networked, technologically-advanced fundraising experience that you've never seen before. So what's new, what's improved? We have all the details for you here! Any questions as you work to make your fundraiser page tell the best story for your campaign? Just reach out to us at for help!


What’s New?

Short Story

This is a short summary of your fundraiser that will appear beneath your goal. When you link to your fundraiser on Facebook, this summary will also show below your cover photo. You have a limit of 100 characters, so you’ll want to keep it short and sweet: In one sentence, why are you fundraising?


More Editing Capabilities in your Description

Having a well-written, compelling and heartfelt story is vital to running a successful fundraising campaign. Your description is the opportunity to tell that story, and now you can do so using more than just plain-old text. Increased formatting and editing capabilities will allow this story to make a much more powerful impact on your supporters.

Here’s what you can do with the new editor:

-Add Fun Emoticons

-Choose from different formatting options for multiple headings

-Add a Numbered List

-Add a Bulleted List

-Insert Hyperlinks into the text

-Insert images and videos (you can adjust for alignment and text wrapping too!)


Use of Funds

We know from years of fundraising is that people are more likely to donate when they know precisely where their donation is going, and some people won’t even consider donating unless they have that information. This is understandable: We all work hard for our money, and when we open up our wallets to help out, we want to be sure our money is being spent wisely. That’s what the Use of Funds feature is for.

Use of Funds creates a pie chart on your page. To use this feature, either click on “Expense Breakdown” on your sidebar or click on the pie chart on your page.  

The “pie” is your goal amount. The “slices” are the different expenses that add up to your goal amount. You’ll need to account for the total amount of your goal, but don’t worry! You don’t have to do any math, Razoo does it for you. At the top of the box you’ll see how much of your goal you’ve accounted for. You need to make sure the full amount is accounted for -- and if you can only explain why you need $1,500 of your $3,000 goal, well, you may need to reevaluate whether your goal amount is appropriate. 


Donation Timeline

To give your donors a little more love, and to increase the engagement on your page, we’ve added a donation timeline so that you and all your page visitors can see the most recent supporters to your campaign! If they leave a comment in their donation process, that will show in the timeline too, sharing their words of encouragement and support for all to see! Even better, you have the option to “like” their donation in the timeline, giving you another option to thank and engage with them after their donation!

Note: Your donors will have the option to hide their name and/or their donation amount during their checkout process if they don’t want to be included on this timeline.


Increased Interaction with Comments and Page Likes

You’ll see these adorable little hearts throughout your fundraiser page, and you may be wondering what they are for. These hearts create an opportunity for anyone visiting your page to “like” your page. They can like the whole page, a donation or a comment, so many ways they can show their support.

Just like in the donation timeline, we wanted to create more opportunities for you as the fundraiser to engage with your supporters. Now, when someone posts a comment on your page, you have the option to “like” their comment. Liking their comment will send them an email notification that you’ve done so, prompting further engagement and recognition of their support.

Even better, when you decide to post an “update” to your page, this update will not only be shared with donors, but anyone who liked your page or left a comment too. This will help you expand your network of supporters hearing updates about your campaign!


Scrolling Navigation Bar

This may seem like just a technical detail, but what this means is that now anywhere a donor is on your fundraiser page, up at the top, scrolling through to read your story, or down at the bottom reading comments, they will see the most important calls to action to donate and share your page. As these are the most important steps in making your campaign a success, we want to make sure that no supporter can have trouble finding out how or where to take action on your page.


New Settings Process to Manage your Fundraiser

Last but certainly not least, is an updated and improved menu to edit your fundraiser. Rather than leaving your page to go into separate tabs to add text and video, you can view your page and any changes you make in real-time. This should make your editing process faster and lead to a better looking page overall.

On your “Settings” page, you’ll have the option to:

-Enable auto-posting on Facebook

-Customize the end of your URL to make it more unique and memorable to potential donors

-Customize the checkout process for your donors (limited flexibility in choosing to display or hide certain fields)

-Join a Team

-Hide your page (or delete it altogether)

-Set up a Matching Grant

-Generate code to embed a Donation Widget on an external site

-Reset the metrics of the dollar and donor counts on your page


What’s Improved?

Offline Donations

Just like before, you will have the option to visually represent any offline gifts you receive on your page to help your total actually reflect all of your fundraising efforts. You can access and add offline donations directly from your donations report. These offline donors will also be displayed in the Donation Timeline on your page, ensuring that these offline donors receive the same amount of love that your online donors do!


Matching Grants

Just like before, you will have the option to visually represent a matching grant on your fundraiser to help add urgency and excitement to your campaign. You can include the name of your matching grantor to show them some love and recognition, or leave them anonymous if that’s preferred. You can choose whether you or your matching donor receives the email when your matching grant is filled. Matching Grants will now display directly below your cover photo so their importance cannot be missed!

Note: You can access this feature under the “Advanced Settings” section in your Settings page.


Prominent Cover Photo

Your cover photo is the “face” of your fundraiser. It needs to represent you and the reason you are fundraising on Razoo. Like your title, it’s one of the first pieces of information people will see about your fundraiser. So, what makes for a great cover photo that will inspire people to donate to you?

As you can see, you have two different options for uploading a photo. You can either upload one directly from your computer or mobile device, or import one from your Facebook photos. (You’ll need to link your Facebook account to your Razoo account in order to import photos from Facebook.) The container for your cover photo is 770 x 570 pixels, so your photo needs to be at least that big. If you upload a smaller photo, it may become distorted within the container, which affects the overall quality of your page. If your photo is larger or has a different aspect ratio, keep in mind that you will have to crop it to fit in the container, so a photo with landscape orientation is best


Custom Donation Suggestions

Just like before, you will have the option to set custom donation suggestions to help your donors understand what impact their donation can have, at multiple different gift levels. Rather than taking up real estate on your page and confusing donors with multiple choices to click, these levels have now been moved to the checkout process and will be visible once the donor clicks “Donate” from your page. This increased prominence will now ensure that all donors to your page see the impact their donation can make for your organization. To include these custom donation suggestions for your fundraiser, you will need to set 4 custom donation levels.

Note: You can access this feature under the “Checkout Customization” section in your Settings page.


What’s Gone? (Don’t Worry...not much!)

Photo Gallery

Fundraiser galleries will be discontinued and a single image will take their place. However, you can now add as much media as you’d like directly into your story description! Our research shows most donors were unlikely to spend time navigating the existing gallery, and are much more likely to focus on your story description. Make sure to highlight your most powerful image in the cover photo, and sprinkle any other helpful photos into the description to help tell your story with words and images. 

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