Setting Up Your Stripe Payment Account

To create a Personal Fundraiser on Razoo, you must also set up an account with Stripe, our third-party disbursement and payment processing provider. Your Stripe account links your bank account to your Personal Fundraising page so that donations made on your page are deposited directly in your bank account.

The last step before you can publish your fundraiser page and begin receiving donations, is to setup your Stripe account. Stripe processes transactions and makes it easy to accept payments online. Stripe is secure, so your information will be kept safe.

Setting Up Your Stripe Account

1. First, log in to your Razoo account:

2. Find your name in the upper right-hand corner and hover over it until you see a blue drop-down menu. (Note: On a mobile device, tap the three horizontal bars on the left side of your screen [this is your site menu]).

3. Choose “Your Fundraisers” > Click on the title of the fundraiser page for which to set up your Stripe account.

4. Click “Bank Setup” on the pink sidebar (Note: On a mobile device, you will need to scroll down on your page and tap the gray “Edit” button to access the sidebar):

5. Click the blue “Link Account” button

6. Fill out the form with your phone number:

7. Add the code (it’s sent as a text message) to the white box on the screen.

8. Have your debit card (You’ll need the name, card number, CVV, expiration date) or your banking information (you’ll need the routing number and account number) ready to type into screen.

9. Be sure to type all of your information in accurately. Click the blue button in the bottom right-hand portion of your screen that says “Connect my account”:

You will be redirected back to your fundraising page on Razoo.

Congrats! Once you've completed this step, your Stripe account will be linked to your Personal Fundraiser. Back on your fundraising page, you can hit “Publish” and begin receiving funds raised for your fundraiser page.

Common Questions about Stripe:

Are there any additional fees for using Stripe?
No, the standard Razoo transaction rate is 7.9% + $0.30 per donation and covers all costs relating to service processing.

When can I expect donations to my fundraiser to show up in my Stripe account?
Once a donation is successfully processed by Razoo, it is passed along to Stripe to manage disbursement of funds to your bank account. Funds will be available for withdrawal 14 days after the donation is made and posted to your Stripe account. For any questions about your disbursement of funds, please contact Stripe support directly. 

Can I unlink my Stripe account from a Personal Fundraiser?
Yes, but since a Stripe account is required for Personal Fundraisers, unlinking your Stripe account will cause your fundraiser page to be unpublished and it can no longer receive donations. Additionally, unlinking your Stripe account from one Personal Fundraiser will unlink it from all Personal Fundraisers you've ever created, which also causes all those Personal Fundraisers to be unpublished. If you would rather just hide one Personal Fundraiser, we recommend you hide that page in your fundraiser's settings, rather than unlinking your Stripe account.

How can I refund a Personal Fundraiser donation?
Click the "Manage Account" button under Bank Settings to access your Stripe account and to refund any donations as needed.

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