April 2016 - New Personal Fundraiser Design

In April 2016, Razoo's Personal Fundraising platform got a mega-revamp!

Check out some of the key new features:

New social links to enhance your fundraiser.
Your fundraiser now connects to even more of your social networks—from Facebook and Twitter to Instagram and Periscope—so you can keep your friends updated on your progress.


A new story editor invites you customize your page.

Behind-the-scenes, we've simplified and enhanced your Admin Panel. Now you can make quick, instant changes to your page and write updates to your followers. Your new cover image is your chance to make a big splash with the perfect image or video. But now you can also embed photos, videos, and even cute emojis right into your story.


New features to help you better tell your story.
Increase transparency with our new interactive cost breakdown for your fundraiser. Your fundraiser is now equipped with a simple chart you can use to tell donors exactly how you'll be spending your funding. The more details you offer, the more likely donors are to give.


What do I do if I had an old Personal Fundraiser?
All existing Personal Fundraisers were contacted before the release of this new platform update. To get republish your fundraiser and start accepting donations again, login to your account, visit your page, fill out all required fields (marked by an asterisk), and link your Stripe account. Click "Publish" and your page will instantly be live.

Be sure to check out the other new Personal Fundraiser articles in our support forum. 

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