The Different Types of Pages and Fundraisers on Razoo

Razoo offers four different types of fundraiser pages, each with its own specific use and set of features.

Organization/Nonprofit Page

This page is an organization's main "hub" on Razoo filled with general information and images about the nonprofit. In order for a nonprofit to have a page in our database, they must be a U.S. registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit, or fiscally sponsored by one.

Fundraising goals cannot be set on this page, and typically organizations will use use it to receive year-round donations. However, when a nonprofit participates in a Giving Event on Razoo, we suggest targeting the content on an Organization Page to the event.

Charitable Fundraiser Page

A Charitable Fundraiser page allows a user is raise funds on behalf of a nonprofit. A user can be an organization admin (a page for a specific project or chapter of an organization), an everyday fundraiser (a page with a personal story about an organization), or a team member page (a single fundraiser in a larger team campaign).

Each fundraiser page has its own content and images, as well as goals and an end date. To start a fundraiser for a specific nonprofit, visit their Organization page and click the "Start a Fundraiser" button on the right-hand side of the page. 

When fundraising on behalf of an organization using Razoo, the funds raised go directly to the organization. 

Team Fundraising Page

Team Fundraising pages connect multiple fundraisers that are raising money towards a common goal or cause. Often marathons, schools, and mission trips use Team Fundraising pages as a central hub for their participants.

Team campaigns have two levels: (1) the main campaign page, and (2) the participant fundraisers. The main page displays the collective progress of all participants on a leaderboard and cannot receive donations directly. Participant fundraiser pages can represent an individual or a group.

Team Fundraising is available only to Charitable Fundraisers at this time. 

Personal Fundraising

Personal (non-tax deductible) fundraising allows anyone to raise funds for their own causes, needs, or projects—including: medical expenses, registration fees, neighborhood cleanups, adoptions, and more. A Stripe account (payment processing) connected to a U.S. bank account is required to transfer donations directly to a Fundraiser.

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