Thanking Your Donors (Tools)


Razoo hopes to make it very easy for nonprofits to collect donations online and to thank their donors for their generosity!

While Razoo already handles the tax-deductible receipts for online donors on Razoo, we also provide some "thanking tools" for the fundraising admins to use. 

Admin Panel > Thank You Tab

In the admin panel for your fundraising page, you can set up some thanking tools for people who give through that page. 


1. Thank You Video

This feature activates when the donor gives using the Shopping Cart (multi-item) checkout flow. Donors can add items to their cart and checkout through their cart. On their confirmation screen once they submit their donation, they will receive a playable link for the video. The video can be from either YouTube or Vimeo.


2. Thank You Message in Email Receipt

While Razoo already thanks the donor in the confirmation receipt we send them, it can be nice to have an additional thank you from the cause as well! This allows you to add an additional thank you message that we add to the email we already send the donors when their donation processes. Below is an example of how the email will read with your custom thank you message added.


Please Note: This feature works for future donations made to your page, not previous donors (check out our Updates feature for that capability!). The thank you tools will only activate if the donation was made to that page.

For example, if an Organization has a Fundraiser page: If donor makes a donation to the Fundraiser page, they will receive the thank you messages and settings for the Fundraiser page, not from the Organization page. 

We hope this helps spread the generosity and appreciation!

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