NEW Personal Fundraiser Walkthrough

Razoo's all-new Personal Fundraising platform is a fun, simple, and easy-to-use to create and design your fundraising pages! This guide will walk you through the basic from fundraiser creation to publishing. If you're stuck or not sure how to fill out a section, use this guide for reference.

Getting Started

First, visit any page on the Razoo site and select Start a Fundraiser in the upper left corner of the navigation bar. 

From here, our Fundraiser Wizard will guide you through four simple steps to launch your fundraiser page:

  • How much money do you want to raise? 
    • Enter a whole dollar figure amount between $100 and $9,999,999
  • What are you raising money for?
    • Select "A Personal Cause" to create a Personal Fundraiser. Selecting the "Charitable Fundraiser" option will launch a fundraiser for a nonprofit in the Razoo database with all funds will going straight to the organization.
  • Select one category that best matches your fundraiser (you can add more later).
    • Choose from the list of options the category your personal cause most fits. This will help with searches for related causes. 
  • Create a user account.
    • Connect your page with Facebook (recommended) to easily use the media from Facebook as you build your page. Plus, posting to Facebook will be that much easier! Use an existing Razoo account by selecting the email option and logging in. You will have the opportunity to link your Facebook account later.


The Creation Wizard and Story Editor

Voila! It's time to build your page (the best part!). Here, you can add content that speaks to your personal cause. Pay attention to the sidebar, which outlines each step of the fundraiser creation process and which sections are required. In addition, you can hover and highlight sections on the page itself to edit them individually.

As you walk through the wizard, you'll see an instant preview on the right that will show exactly how your fundraiser will appear to your donors. Optional sections will not be visible to users or guests who visit the page. 

Fundraiser Section

  1. Title (*required)
    • Enter a title for your page, up to 50 characters. 
    • Click SAVE.

  2. Categories
    • Add additional categories to help classify your fundraiser, or change the original one that you set earlier.
      • To add new ones, click the "Add another?" link under the last category.
      • Remove an extra category by clicking the X to the right.
    • You can only add up to 3 categories.
    • Click SAVE.

  3. Images/Video (*required)
    • This is the "face" of your Fundraiser—the primary image that conveys your personal Fundraiser's message.
    • Upload or link an image or a video using one of the following services: a local file, webcam, URL, Facebook, Google Drive, Dropbox, Instagram, Evernote, Flickr, or OneDrive.
      • Videos cannot be uploaded and must be a URL from either YouTube or Vimeo.
    • Once you select your image, crop it so that it displays properly within the image area on the page (videos do not have cropping options).
    • Click DONE.

  4. Goal (*required)
    • You can adjust the goal amount that you set earlier. The amount requirements are the same.
    • Click SAVE. 

  5. Short Story (*required)
    • Write a quick summary of what your cause is about. It will be displayed below the goal section.
    • There is a 100 character limit.
    • Click SAVE.
  6. Duration (*required)
    • Set the end date for your campaign. You must select a future date using the calendar tool. The selected date will show up blue.
    • Use the arrows to advance the month and select a date.
    • Click SAVE.

  7. Creator Social Links
    • Link your social networks so visitors can quickly find you on social media.
    • Options include: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, Periscope, and your website URL.
    • Click SAVE.

  8. Creator Q&A
    • Share your quirks, be funny, and make yourself more personable with these simple questions.
    • To add new questions, click the "Add another?" link.
    • Remove a question by clicking the X to the right.
    • You can include up to 10 of these fun facts.
    • Click SAVE.

  9. Funding Breakdown
    • This section invites you to show how your funding goal will be allocated (for example, how much of your funding will be allocated to food, travel, expenses, project supplies, etc.). This helps your donors understand why you set your goal at the amount you’ve chosen.
    • Adjust your goal amount by changing the dollar amount
    • To add new allocation amount, click the "Add another?" link and enter an amount and description.
    • Remove an amount by clicking the X to the right.
    • Click SAVE.

  10. Description (*required)
    • The longer description section is where you get to really tell your fundraiser story, including the five big questions everyone wants to know—who, what, when, why, how.
    • When you first select this option, it will bring you to Story section in the preview page on the right where you'll begin make live changes. Look for the flashing CURSOR.
    • The powerful in-line Story Editor allows you to edit and customize your description with text, emojis, headings, numbered & bulleted lists, URLs/hyperlinks, pictures, and videos! Images can be edited to set the justification, adjust size, replace the image, or delete it.
    • When you're done, click onto the next section, and the page will AUTO-SAVE.

  11. Updates
    • This feature is accessible only once your page is published.
    • Use this tool to keep past donors informed about the progress of your campaign. Updates will be both posted on your page and sent to your donors in an email.

  12. Instagram Feed
    • Link your Instagram account and display your image feed.
    • If you've already connected your account, choose "Disable Feed" to hide your Instagram feed but still show a link to your Instagram page (#7 above).


Donors Section

The Donors section allows you to access donor information and donation reports once you publish your page and begin receiving donations.


Settings Section

This Settings section allows you to adjust additional options for your fundraiser.

  • Set your the schedule for sharing your fundraiser on Facebook.
    • Your Facebook account must be connected for this feature.
  • Customize the URL for your Personal Fundraiser.
    • This can only be done ONCE!
    • All spaces will be replaced with dashes (for example: ".../Fundraiser Name" will be changed to ".../Fundraiser-Name").
  • Get the code for a Donation Widget.
    • This HTML code can be embedded on an external website to collect donations easily with no redirects.
  • Show or hide your page from the public.
    • Use the slider to change the visibility of your fundraiser.
    • This option is available only after your page has been published.
    • A hidden Personal Fundraiser cannot accept donations. 
    • Once hidden, our database may take a few hours to hide your fundraiser in the search results. 
  • Delete your campaign permanently.
    • To no longer receive donations, you can also hide and unlink your bank account.


Bank Setup Section (*required)

Razoo has partnered with Stripe to process donations for your fundraiser. When you create a Personal Fundraiser on Razoo, we automatically create a Stripe account using your email address. You must complete setup of your Stripe account to collect donations for your Personal Fundraiser. To set up your account, select the "Manage Account" button, and follow the steps to connect your bank account to your Personal Fundraiser. If you already have a pre-existing Stripe account, you will need to log-in to that account. For details on how to complete your bank setup, see our article on Stripe Account for Personal Fundraising.


Publish Your Fundraiser

After setting up your Stripe account, navigate back to your Personal Fundraiser, and select the Fundraiser section in the sidebar.

  • Make sure you have not left any *required fields (!) blank.
  • Select the blue Publish button on the sidebar when you are ready for your page to be public.
    • Re-confirm that you are ready to publish.

  • Share your page! Once your page is published, the confirmation screen will provide you with several options to share your campaign on your social networks.
  • Close the Admin Panel after publishing by click the ‘x’ at the top of the section.

  • To make changes or access your Admin Panel, select the Manage option located at the top-left of your Personal Fundraiser. 


Once your page is published, start telling your potential donors about your new Personal Fundraiser and send them a link to your page.

Good luck with your fundraising campaign! If you run into any issues, feel free to contact our support team at

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