Donation Reports for Personal Fundraisers

Razoo provides a basic level report for every Personal Fundraiser creator/admin. To access the report, log into your Razoo account, visit your Personal Fundraiser page, and click the "Manage" button...

...and then the "Donors" option on the left-hand Admin Panel.

When a donation is made to your fundraiser, you will see it listed in this report. 

All basic donor information* is displayed here at a glance. Use the navigation at the bottom of the page to move forward and backward through your donation history. For a more detailed report—including contact information for the donor and any comments left in their dedication—click the EXPORT CSV button. A CSV file can be opened in any spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. 

*Note: We have a helpful reporting column for when a donor has chosen to remain hidden. This is often when they would rather not be publicly acknowledged or contacted about their donation. 


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