How to Make a Donation and Use the Shopping Cart!

On the Razoo platform, donors have the option to make a one-time or recurring donation to their causes and a shopping cart to help them make multiple donations faster.

NOTE: When giving on Razoo (, PCI industry standards require that the donor enters their own donation. This helps protect the donor and our nonprofits from fraudulent donations and chargebacks. If a donor is having issues, we do our best to help find solutions for our donors rather than entering the donation for the donor. Donors can always contact if they run into any problems. 

Making a Single Donation:

To make a single donation, a pop-up Donation Checkout window will guide you through the process.

  1. Enter a donation amount and click "Donate."

  2. Confirm that the amount is correct and choose either a one-time or recurring donation. Add a comment or dedication to your donation that will get passed along in the report to the admins and posted on the fundraiser page. Use the "Hide my comment from public view" checkbox to prevent your post from being seen publicly. 

  3. Enter your payment information for your credit card, PayPal account, a Razoo Giving Card code, or a saved credit card (if you have one saved). 

  4. Enter the billing information for your credit card.

  5. Confirm your donation information and amount. Use our Donation Booster feature to cover the fees. These fees are displayed in full so you can see your entire donation. 


Making Multiple Donations and Using the Donation Cart Checkout

To give to multiple causes in a single transaction, use the Razoo Donation Cart. Enter your donation amount on any fundraiser page and click "Add to Cart" under the "Donation button.

Note: If you're giving to several causes, limit your donations to 20 items per transaction. This will ensure your connection does not timeout, especially during large Giving Events.


When you're ready to check-out, click on the Donation Cart and on the "Checkout" button to review your donations.

Step One

In your Donation Cart, review the following information on each of your donations:

  1. Name of the fundraising cause
  2. Amount of the donation (can be changed).
  3. Frequency of the donation. By default, donations are made "one time," but can be make weekly, monthly, or annually.
  4. Dedication field (sent privately to the organization admin).
  5. Anonymous option (prevents donor information from being disclosed to the fundraiser admins).

To delete any accidental or duplicate donations, click the "X" option in the top-right corner of the donation entry.

Before proceeding, verify all donation items in your cart. Use the Donation Booster function (off by default) to cover all fees associated with your donation. Your total transaction charge (including all fees covered) is displayed at the bottom of the checkout box. When your donations are confirmed, click the green "Checkout" button.


Step Two


Select a payment option. Razoo accepts credit cards (including those you've saved within your Razoo account), Razoo Giving Cards, and PayPal. Next, enter your billing information. Re-confirm your total (which includes all fees you are covering), and then press the blue "Complete" button.


Did My Donation Go Through?

To confirm a donation was successful, check for the following:

  1. Donors should receive a confirmation screen informing them that their donation has been submitted.
  2. Donors should receive an email receipt to the email address they entered.
  3. The donation will show up in the admin report on the page to which the donor gave.

Common Donation Errors

Typically donors that experience a donation error will receive a red error message on their screen.

  • Your donation must be at least $10.00: Donors receive this message when they either have not entered a donation amount prior to clicking "Donate/Add to Cart" or have extra items in their cart that need to be adjusted or removed. 
  • Using Auto-fill: Your browser's auto-fill features can save you time, but may also leave incorrect content in forms that may cause a donation error. If you used auto-fill, manually enter your information and resubmit.
  • K-835 when entering donation: The K-835 message indicates that our security system has flagged the transaction. Donors that are traveling or working through a proxy server will often receive this message. This message indicates a donor-specific error and not an entire campaign or site issue. To fix, donors should contact Razoo Support to verify their donations. 
  • Unsuccessful Donation Email Notification: Donors will receive an email about an unsuccessful donation if their card issuer declined the transaction. This may be because the card issuer has mismatched information on file or because they were unfamiliar with Razoo and blocked the transaction. Please contact your card issuer to see why they declined the transaction, and ask them to approve any future donations to Razoo. Once resolved, re-submit your donation, and you will receive an email confirmation and receipt when your donation processes successfully.
  • International Donations: The Razoo platform is currently open to U.S.-based nonprofits and causes and displays all dollar($) amounts in USD. Conversions will need to be calculated prior by the donor. 

We hope that all donations made on Razoo are safe, secure, and successful; however, we occasionally run into unusual circumstances. If you are unable to resolve your donation issues, please contact Razoo Support for assistance. 


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