Giving Stations - Collecting donations for others


According to the PCI industry standards, donors must enter their donation themselves. Collecting donor information and then entering it on behalf of them later is not permitted, and can often lead to cases of chargebacks and sometimes fraud.

The best way to help donors give is to set up giving stations!

What is a Giving Station?

A giving station is a set physical location where donors who want to give can come and enter their donation on a central machine or devices (tablets, etc). Often giving stations will be used during Razoo Giving Days or for organizations hosting gala events and accepting donations at those sorts of events. 


What Do I Need to Do?

If you are setting up a giving station to help donors give, you will want to make sure that we know about the event as well! Be sure to give us ideally a week's heads up so we can make an adjustment in our system to help the event go smoothly!


K-835 Unsuccessful Donation

The K-835 error code is a fraud detection message that appears. Often donors who are making their donation from a large distance away, or if their work has a proxy, they might experience this error. 

If you are entering a donation on someone else's behalf, that can also trigger this error message. This is not permitted by the PCI industry standards and we urge the donor to try and make their own donation on their own machine or device. If they are having issues, they can always contact and we can do our best to help them through the process. 

Happy Giving!

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