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This tool can help let your donors know if your fundraising page has a matching grant, how much it is for, when it starts, when it ends, and how close you are to meeting that match with online donations! 

What Is A Matching Grant?

A matching grant is a agreed upon goal between the nonprofit/fundraiser and a generous grantor/donor within a certain timeframe. Typically, the grantor agrees that once a goal has been reached, they will match that certain amount - often dollar for dollar! The grantor is secured by the nonprofit or fundraiser, not by Razoo.

A matching grant multiplies the impact of donations, both for the donor and for the nonprofit. When you secure a matching grant, people are more likely to give to your cause knowing their donation will have twice the impact. A matching grant also gives you the opportunity to recognize your grantor for their generosity.


How to Setup A Matching Grant on a Fundraising Page

Once you've secured a matching grant, you can use Razoo’s feature to promote the matching grant to your supporters. Each online donation made through that page will count towards the completion of the matching grant displayed on that page. When the matching grant is fulfilled, Razoo's system sends an email to the email address entered in the matching grant letting them know that the goal has been reached! The notification will prompt them to make a donation on your Razoo page so that their match amount shows up on the page. Grantors can always choose to fulfill the grant another why if they'd like.

  1. Secure a matching grant from a generous donor.
  2. Login to your user account with access to the fundraising page that you want to add the matching grant to.
  3. Go to that fundraising page, and access the admin panel.

  4. In the admin panel, select the "Matching Grants" tab.

  5. Click "Create a Matching Grant", and fill in the appropriate information.

  6. Save the matching grant!

Now all you need to do is get the word out to your donors! Send an email with that fundraising page's URL and/or post about it in your social media. Let them know that for a certain time period, a generous donor will match donations up to the goal.

Here's what the matching grant will look like on your Razoo page:


Editing or Closing A Matching Grant

The admin can always edit a matching grant if they made a mistake or if the matching amount was increased. The matching amount cannot be decreased, nor changed to a date and time that is in the past. Once the edits are made, the admin can save the grant again to update.

Once a matching grant is met or ends, it will continue to be listed on the page and how successful it was until the admin manually closes the grant in the admin panel.



Other Questions You Might Have

Which donations count towards progress on the matching grant feature?
At this time, only online donations made through the Razoo platform count towards the matching grant tool and reflect the progress on that page. Only donations made between the matching grant start and end dates will count toward the matching grant tool and reflect the progress. The each fundraising page is different, so only donations made to that page will count for that page's matching grant. 

If there were donations made prior to the start of the match, but they should count towards that match, then the admin should simply track those donations manually towards the total. Offline donations do not count towards the matching grant feature. 

Can I have more than one matching grant at a time?
If you are able to secure multiple matching grants, you should be aware that only one matching grant can be listed and active at a time per Razoo page.

If you have secured more than one matching grantor, there are two options for you. (Option 1) Once one grant is finished, the admin can close the completed grant and add the next one. (Option 2). The admin can list the matching grants are one combined sum. As donations are received, the admin can manually "check off" which grant is fulfilled, and contact the appropriate individual grantor to make them aware that they can make their matching donation.

Does the grantor have to make their matching gift through Razoo?
No - when the match is closed, Razoo sends an email to the account listed in the grant inviting them to fulfill the matching grant on the fundraising page through Razoo, but there is no obligation to do it this way. They may match in any agreed upon method between the nonprofit/fundraiser and the grantor - via check, direct deposit, cash, stock shares, cattle, art, or even Bitcoin!

Just be aware that if the match is not made through the fundraiser on Razoo, it will not automatically show on your total raised amount. You may add it as an offline donation, so all your supporters can see your success!

Can I list a matching grant on a Team campaign page?
Team campaign pages do not support matching grants at this time, but the individual fundraisers can each have their own separate matching grants if they choose. The main Organization page can have a matching grant listed, but it will only count donations made directly to that page, and not the supporting pages for that Organization.


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