Giving Days/Events on Razoo!


Giving Days are powerful online fundraising events centered around one day to unite communities around giving! 

About Giving Days

Our platform offers many different options to the Community Foundations that host these large targeted events on our platform. Once a giving day contract is signed, the hosting entity will be given a dedicated giving day coordinator from our team to help them through the process, events, and to help provide solutions to ideas they have for the event!

Each giving event is given it's own "brand" within the Razoo system. That means that often Organization pages that exists already on Razoo can continue to be used for the giving event! Additional details about each event can be found on that giving day's site. Sometimes the page structure, pricing, and prizes vary from event to event, and year to year. This sort of information is normally found in the FAQs section of the giving event brand:


Registration and Page Setup for Giving Events:

To participate in a giving event hosted on Razoo, your Organization must almost always register. You will receive an email once our Support team confirms your registration for the event. Each year is considered a new event and new registration. This is an opt-in process. You can find the Registration or Claim call to action on the associated giving event page. Not sure of which giving events are coming up or where to register? You can often find upcoming ones listed in our regular claim form (

Each year we build Toolkits to help the participant nonprofits and fundraisers with their pages for the event. Be sure to always check them out, as well as our Media Toolkit, to help get your page set up to its full potential!

While we always want as much participation as possible in these events, some do have regional, or other such limitations to the events. Also, we normally only allow for an organization to be participating in 1 giving event at any given time. 


Donating to a Participating Cause:

Every giving event has a Search feature you can use to find the cause you want to give to. Once you find the page you wish to donate to, you can be sure that your donation will count for the event in two different ways! 

1. On the event page: there should be a "giving event" icon by the Donate button.

2. In your shopping cart: if you have multiple items, each item for the event should state that the donation will count for your giving day.


Can I Give Early?

Yes! Razoo allows for those nonprofits and fundraisers who are successfully registered for our giving events to begin accepting donations "secured pledges" shortly before the day starts. Be sure that when making your donation(s) that you see the giving event icon and/or that your donation will count for the event (above section). If you do not see this yet, then the early giving window has not yet opened. 

Donations made early will be processed at that time to make sure that they go through successfully and will be applied towards the organization once the day finally comes! This also allows for any ongoing campaigns to continue to receive the donations on time, while still participating in these giving days. The early giving was designed to help those who might be out of town, unable to, or might forget on the day of, and want to make sure they help those causes for the event. 


Hosting a Giving Day on Razoo:

Interested Community Foundation or Organization Host a Major Giving Day on Razoo?Here are a few key checks your team will want to be aware of when planning on hosting these types of major giving events:

  • When hosting a Giving Day we suggest having a dedicated manager at your organization to manage with site content development, media outreach, sponsorship acquisitions and NPO participant communication/training. The normal timeline for the events of this size is around 6 months.
  • With events of this magnitude, be sure to find sponsors and other matching funds for the event to provide potential rewards and prize money during the giving event!
  • Be sure to submit your request for an Giving Day here:

Don't worry if you might not be the size of a Community Foundation with many nonprofits underneath you. You can still use Razoo to create Fundraisers and pages for your internal causes and goals using our Start a Fundraiser feature!

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