Giving Cards: Give the Gift of Giving


Razoo has its own form of gift cards called "Giving Cards."

It’s an easy way to share the gift of giving with others. The purchase of the giving card received this as a tax-deductible contribution, and will have a receipt emailed to them. The recipient of the card will then be able to use it to support their favorite cause on Razoo.



Purchasing a Giving Card:

  2. Tell us about the recipient, choose the card value and card design, and enter the delivery date.
  3. Enter your personalized message to the recipient.

  4. Enter your payment information, and click Send (or Done). 


Redeeming a Giving Card:

If you've received the gift of a Razoo Giving Card, you can visit and use the card code to donate to any fundraisers or nonprofits of your choosing! The total donations cannot exceed the amount on the Giving Card. 

Simply locate the causes you want to give to on our full website, and then during the payment screen there will be the option for paying by "Giving Card."




Once you've selected the option to pay by Giving Card, then you can enter the information and code listed on your Giving Card, and click Continue or Complete. 

Please note: Giving Cards cannot be used on Personal/non-tax deductible causes. Donors can also choose to cover the fees if their Giving Card has enough on it to do so. 

Happy Giving!

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