Razoo User Account Basics

The Razoo platform allows for our users to create Razoo accounts with the following features:

  • User profile and sharing details
  • Access to creating and editing fundraiser pages
  • Donation history and annual giving statements for tax purposes
    • Reviewing recurring donations
  • Updating login credentials
  • Requesting to become an administrator and managing an organization on Razoo

Creating a Razoo User Account

Create a new Razoo user account with your unique email address by signing up.

If you already have a user account, log in to gain access to your account.

If you forget your password, request a password reset from the login screen by clicking "Forgot password?"

User Profile and Sharing

Your Razoo user account is a helpful place where all of your Razoo details are stored. Your account is accessible on almost every page in the top-right corner.

Click the user icon (a grey elephant by default), and you will be brought to your user profile. Tab indicate your profile options: My Profile, My Donations, Account Settings, and Saved Cards.

The "Edit Profile" tab allows you to modify how your information is displayed to the public. You can change your display name, add an inspirational message, upload a user icon image, and add your social network accounts & personal websites.

Once your profile is set up, share your page by sending friends to your Razoo User Profile URL. Select the "My Profile" tab and copy the URL from your browser. Visitors will see your profile information and every fundraiser you have created.


Access to Your Fundraiser Pages

The "My Profile" tab allows users to quickly view their fundraisers. Click on a thumbnail to visit the full page for editing or sharing. 

If you've been granted administrative access for an Organization, they will be listed in the second section. Click an Organization thumbnail to visit the page and access the admin panel for editing or reports. This section is only visible to you, not the public.


User Donation History and Giving Statements (Recurring Donations)

The "My Donations" tab allows you to review your recurring donations and see your prior donations. If you do not see the Scheduled & Recurring Donations section, then you do not have a recurring donation set up. 

Under Donation History, users can view any donations they have made previously and print a receipt.

In addition, past Giving Statements are available on the right for all donations occurring within each calendar year. Giving Statements can be used for easier tax-deductible purposes and tax filing for donors that have given to many causes.


Updating Your Login Credentials

In the "Account Settings" tab, you can change your password or your email address to one that is not already in use on Razoo. 

To change your email, enter your new email address and your current password. Leave the 'new password' fields blank, and click "Save Changes."

To change your password, enter your current password and then your new password twice. Then, click "Save Changes."

To change both at once, enter the new email address with your current password, and then your new password twice. Then, click "Save Changes."


Become an Administrator on Razoo

If you work for an organization and need access to your Organization's pages, content, and donor reports, can request to become an administrator by claiming their page.


Deleting/Removing an Unused User Account

If you no longer plan on using Razoo, your user account, and your fundraising pages, email your request to have your account removed by our Support Team. We will disassociate your account from your email address and deactivate the account so that it no longer is used. During this process you may receive a notification about your password being reset as we disassociate the email from the account. We will follow up with your request once we have completed it. 

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