The Updates Feature, and the Conversation Sections (Anonymous Donations)


The Razoo platform does its best to help allow fundraisers and donors to stay in touch with on another. Two of those key tools are the new (as of 2016) Updates Feature, and the Conversation section. Both sections allow for different types of communication to be passed in one direction or another between fundraisers and donors. 

The NEW Updates Feature

At the beginning of 2016 Razoo introduced the Updates Feature. This Feature allows for certain fundraising pages to send updates to their page's previous online donors to keep them informed of any news about the campaign. Currently only Organization-type and Charitable Fundraiser-type pages have this feature. 

  1. To access it, an admin for the page must login and go into the admin panel for that page they wish to add an Update on. 

  2. Once in the admin panel, the admin can select the "Updates" tab to add a new update, or to edit an previous update. 

  3. By clicking "Add New Story Update" the admin can create a new draft/unpublished update. Once the add the draft update, it will show up under "Unpublished Draft Updates" for admin-eyes only. These updates can continue to be edited until they are ready to be Published. 

  4. Once an Unpublished Update is ready to be posted and emailed out, the admin can click "Publish." The Update will become Published and show up in the Published Updates section, as well as on the main page (View) of the fundraising page. 

    A few key things to note at this step:
    -The admin will need to confirm they want the Update to be posted and sent out to their previous online donors.
    -Previous online donors to this page will receive an email notification with the update. 
    -The admin(s) will also receive a copy of this email notification. 
    -Editing an already published Update will not re-send an email update. 
    -Admins can un-publish an Update to have it stop showing, or to edit it and resend it.
    -Only previous online donors receive this notification.

  5. Here is what the Updates will look like on the fundraising page once published! The updates will show up in two places:
    -The newest update will appear between the "Summary" and the "Tell Your Story" content.
    -All updates will appear in chronological order (newest to oldest) below the "Tell Your Story" section.

  6. Here is an example of what the Update email will look like for previous online donors of that campaign.

The Conversation Section (Comments, Dedications, Anonymous)

All Razoo fundraising pages have the Conversation section. This section allows for donors and the page admin to leave public messages for each other, often used for things like acknowledgements, and encouraging messages. 

Along with comments, donors during the checkout flow will have their donation's comment or dedication be added to the Conversation. Donors can choose to "hide their comment from public view" during the checkout process if they wish to not have it show in the Conversation. 

Only the page's admin(s) can remove a comment listed in the Conversation. The admin must be logged in and on that page. They can hover over the comment they want to remove and click the X to the right to delete it.

At the request of Razoo's listed Organizations and Fundraisers, Razoo will no longer be supporting fully anonymous donations. There will be options for donors who would "wish to remain anonymous" and for that information to be passed along to the Fundraisers and Organizations for them to follow that request.

Enjoy engaging with your causes and supporters!

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