Disbursement Timeline and Reissues

Razoo is not an all-or-nothing platform. If a charitable fundraiser receives a donation, it will be sent to the organization regardless of whether the campaign reaches the goal. Fundraiser goals (end date and amount to raise) help direct and encourage donors on when to give and how much has been raised.

Disbursement Timeline

When fundraising on behalf of an organization, funds raised go directly to the organization.

By default, all organizations use the check disbursement method.

Donations are batched for the current month and regranted by the Razoo Foundation around the 10th of the following month to the advised nonprofit. For example, any donation made in January will be sent in the February 10th check disbursement.

Checks are mailed to the disbursement address for an Organization listed in their Admin Panel unless the Organization has set up an electronic funds transfer.

If an EFT request has been submitted and confirmed at least 5 business days prior to the 10th or 25th of the month, then an Organization will be eligible to receive an EFT on the next disbursement date.

For the EFT option, Organizations can expect to receive their donations on the:

  • 10th of the month, for donations made from the 16th of the previous month through the last day of the previous month 
  • 25th of the month, for donations made from the 1st through the 15th of that same month.



Need a Check Reissued?

If your Organization has a check that was sent but cannot be found, have an admin let us know at support@razoo.com.

Checks are automatically reissued every ~90 days (after which they expire) to the disbursement address listed for an Organization. If the address is not correct, an admin can submit an address change request


How Do I Get The Money I Raised For A Nonprofit?

If you are interested in obtaining the funds raised through your fundraiser on behalf of a nonprofit, contact the main organization in order to request a regrant of those funds. The Organization has access to all donations made through the fundraiser on their master donor report. Use the donor report from your own fundraising page to cross-reference.

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