Accessing Donation and Disbursement Reports

Every fundraising page has a donation report that displays the donation history for the campaign. Organizations have a more detailed version of this report and access to reports regarding their disbursements.  

Accessing a Donation Report:

  1. Login to the user account that either created the fundraising page or has admin access to the Organization page.
  2. Once you are logged in, click the user icon in the upper-right corner to access your user profile.

  3. In your profile, you will see all of your Fundraisers as well as any Organizations for which you have administrative access.

  4. Select the Fundraiser that includes the donation report you're looking for. Then, click the "Manage Page" button to access the Admin Panel.

  5. In the admin panel, select the Donations tab to view the donation report. By default, the report is filtered to display only the last 30 days. To see a different date range, use the filter tools to adjust for your search. Click "Filter Results" to update your report. You can also filter by a disbursement check date or by a Giving Event.

  6. Once the report displays correctly, you can download the report as a CSV (comma separated value) document to manipulate as needed. You can open this type of file in a spreadsheet program such as Excel or Sheets.


Accessing and Understanding the Disbursement Report:

Please note: only administrators for a nonprofit organization can view this special report through their Organization page. Request to become an administrator through our claim form.

  1. In the admin panel for the Organization page, click the Disbursements option in the Donations tab.

  2. On the Disbursement listings page, admins can see all disbursements to date sent to their Organization, the status of each disbursement, and the method of disbursement.

          A. Sent: The amount has been disbursed, but not yet deposited.
          B. Complete: The amount was disbursed and deposited.
          C. Canceled--RazooReprocess: The amount was voided and reissued. Check for a matching amount in a more recent check
          D. Additional status messages may be displayed. For more information, contact our Support Team.

          A. Check: By default, disbursements are handled by paper checks.
          B. EFT: Our electronic funds transfer/direct deposit option.

  3. Click on a specific disbursement date to view a more detailed breakdown of the disbursement report. This report will indicate additional adjustments such as Giving Event prize money and promotional adjustments.



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