January 2016 Improvements!

As part of our New Years "Razoolutions," we've made some fantastic updates to our fundraising platform with even more coming soon!

Here's what you'll find:

  • Easier access to the admin panel
  • A bigger gallery for your page
  • Better sharing options
  • Average donation feature
  • Brand new "Updates" feature
  • Faster one-item checkout flow
  • Search upgrades


Access the Admin Panel

A new "Manage Page" button visible only to page admins, will guide users into the admin panel to edit, update, and manage their page. 

Bigger and Better Image Gallery

Images and videos are the most persuasive part of your fundraiser, and now they're bigger than ever! Upload your high-quality images to our 30% wider gallery to provide your donors with an even more immersive experience. The new gallery will also optimize any smaller images to fill the space. To create a custom image, size your images to 745x570 px.

Share Even Faster!

Sharing is caring! And it's the single most important thing you can do to make your fundraiser a success. We've crafted some beautiful new sharing buttons, added share totals, and positioned them at the top and bottom of your fundraiser page to encourage everyone to share your story.

Average Donation Amount

To help you raise more money and meet your fundraiser goal, we've activated a new Average Donation feature. Razoo now auto-calculates and displays  the average donation amount for your fundraiser and encourages donors to boost your average by giving more.

New Updates Feature

Ever wish you could quickly send your donors a fundraiser update? From our new Updates tab in your admin panel, you can add story updates that are instantly emailed to all your donors and displayed prominently at the top of your page!


Faster One-Item Donation Flow

We've optimized our donation process to make giving simple and seamless. Previously, making a single donation on Razoo required a lengthy checkout on a separate page. Now, donors will make their donations in a pop-up window that hovers above the page in five bite-size steps: an improved experience that keeps donors in control and connected to your fundraiser or organization.


New Search and Filters - Sneak Peek!

Search on Razoo has undergone a significant overhaul. Thanks to user feedback, our new search page features a fresh layout, enhanced search functionality, infinite scrolling, and more!

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