--Connecting with Other People and Donors


With the ever-growing world and giving community, Razoo offer a way to stay connected with other people on our site who are doing great things!

Users on Razoo can follow each other, see when they create new causes, see what they are donating to, and even connect to their other social media.

Getting Your Razoo User Profile Up To Speed!

You can first update your own Razoo user profile by following these steps:


Access your user profile by going to your user icon in the upper right hand corner (by default a grey elephant) and then selecting "My Profile" from the dropdown. 

Once you are in your profile, select the the "Edit Profile" tab. 

Here you will be able to update things like:

  • User display name
  • A one-liner about yourself
  • Your user profile picture (by default a grey elephant)
  • Social links to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more


Connecting With Others!

You can find who created a fundraiser by seeing their user display name on their fundraising page under the title.

For example, below we see "Jane Doe" has created this fundraiser about walking for autism on behalf of the organization Douglass Organization for Occupational and Relation Education. You can click her name to see her Razoo user profile as see what Jane is up to!

You will see in Jane Doe's user profile her display name, her one-liner, icons in the upper right, a follow/following button, and pages she has created.


The icons to the right of the user name will denote what types of causes they have donated to. For example, the heart is Humanitarian Aid and the graduation cap is Education.

Be sure to FOLLOW users who you think are doing great things, and they will start showing up in your own user profile in your news feeds on the right under "People You're Following."


We are working on improving the social connecting features more and more, and possibly integrating them into other social platforms soon! Stay tuned for more details, and happy fundraising!


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