--How to get Featured on Razoo!

First, Share - Gain Traction!

Once you complete your fundraising campaign, we always suggest you share your page with your family, friends, and other potential donors.

Ways you can share your page: https://razoosupport.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/200652500-Sharing
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q-XMpvK9a-A

Connecting in the Razoo Community: https://razoosupport.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/205942950-Connecting-with-other-people-and-donors


Are You Ready to Get Featured?

When we are picking fundraising campaigns to feature, we are looking for a lot of great things going on for that campaign. We hope that by featuring pages, we help boost their donations over the edge to meet their goals in the last few days - give that extra push!

If you wish to have your campaign featured, please double check these items first about your page. Make sure you complete these areas of your page - make it engaging!

  1. Has a great Title: make it clear and direct. If it's catchy, people will remember it.

  2. Is a Project or Fundraiser: ideally we are looking for campaigns with clear goals, and not the general Organization page for year-round donations. 

  3. Great high-quality images: right now our featured space favors horizontal images. Photos of people and content are preferred. Using type and words or logos only is not suggested. If chosen to be featured, we may change your thumbnail during that time to the image best fitted for the Featured space.

  4. A Summary section that is completely filled out: try and really fill that Summary section fully.

  5. A complete User Profile: with First and Last Name, and have a User Profile Picture.

  6. The end date is coming up soon: a sense of urgency can help drive donors.

  7. Almost reaching your goal dollars to raise: we want to help give you that extra push to meet your goal.

While yours may not show up immediately, we are actively going through and selecting some of the team's favorite causes submitted and listing them at the appropriate times. 


Where Do I Send My Qualified Campaign?

Once you've got your campaign and user profile up to speed, then make sure to send us your request! You can send it to Social@razoo.com. Please be aware, that due to the number of submissions, we apologize if we are unable to respond to each submission. However, we are doing our best to contact those that are featured to let them know so they can be sure to spread the word even more when it happens!

Just because you are not featured on our homepage it doesn't mean we won't still feature you on our social media (Facebook and Twitter) and in our Newsletter and Blog.


Good luck, and happy fundraising!

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