--Secured Pledges: Donate BEFORE the Giving Day (and have it count)!

After much feedback from nonprofits and donors we are launching an update to the scheduled donations feature - they will now be known as secured pledges! Like scheduled donations, secured pledges will allow donors to donate before the day, yet still have the donation count for the Giving Day. 

Frequently Asked Questions regarding secured pledges:

1. What is a secured pledge?

A secured pledge is a donation made prior to a Giving Event, that will count towards the event day totals and prizes. Transactions are processed immediately, reducing the risk of failed transaction and giving the donor time to contact their bank, make corrections, and re-donate if needed. With secured pledges, donors will be informed that their donations will count for the Giving Day - the donation transaction will process immediately instead of being queued for processing on the Giving Day. Nonprofits will receive the donated funds during the normal Razoo disbursement cycle and the donation(s) will appear in Leaderboard totals at the start of the giving event.

2. When do secured pledges begin? How do I turn them on for my page?

Your event coordinator (usually the Community Foundation) will determine the date which secured pledges will begin to count towards the event and leaderboard totals, so keep an eye on the event page. 

Each participating nonprofit must first be entered into the Giving Day event site search - usually through a Giving Day registration process. You will know if your page is enabled for secure pledges if your page has a 'giving event...' badge just above the Donate button:

Donors will also see that text in their shopping baskets on Step 1 of the checkout process (if they have more than one donation item in their basket).

3. What are the benefits of secured pledges?

The immediate processing of a secured pledge will allow nonprofits to complete any previously planned campaigns, while also counting the donation towards the Giving Day. This will reduce confusion and potential disputed transactions from the waiting period between scheduling and processing the donation on the Giving Day.

Secured pledges display immediately on your Razoo donor report and page, showing donation progress publicly in the lead-up to the Giving Day AND counting toward any existing Matching Grants. Nonprofits and fundraisers will receive instant email notifications as soon as someone makes a donation, and they will be included on your donation report - you can quickly filter the report to see how much you’ve raised for your Giving Day before the event has even started!


3. What donation methods can donors use?

Secured pledges will support cross platform donations made via desktop, mobile, and the donation widget - donations will automatically count for the Giving Day. You can now use a donation widget on your website to encourage secured pledges for the upcoming Giving Day. You can use either a credit/debit card, PayPal, or a Razoo Giving Card via these methods (PayPal is not currently an option for the donation widget).


4. Do donors have to create user accounts?

Nope! You can donate ahead of the event without having to create a user account OR save your credit card information.


5. How is a secured pledge different from a scheduled donation?

It is important to understand that both secured pledges and scheduled donations are donations that have been made ahead of the Giving Day - both count toward the Giving Day prizes and Leaderboard totals. The difference is that a secured pledge is processed immediately, whereas a scheduled donation is saved in a user account and processed on the actual event day (which can be anywhere between a few days and a few months). Donors no longer need to save their card information or create a user account in order to give ahead of the Giving Day.


6. What happened to the scheduled donation feature?

The scheduled donation feature has been phased out.


7. How do I give before an event?

Once your organization is listed in the Giving Day search, you will be able to submit your donation to that organization and have it count toward the Giving Day. Your organization must first be registered to participate in order to be entered into the Giving Day search.


8. How will this affect my matching grant/prizes?

Secured pledges will count toward any existing Matching Grant listed on your page. So that means that they will only count toward your matching grant if the start date for your grant is set BEFORE the event day. 

Secured pledges will NOT count towards hourly prizes - donations will have to be made specifically within a specific prize hour on the event day to count.


For more information about how secured pledges will be used to calculate prizes for your specific Giving Day, please visit your Giving Day's FAQ page.

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