International Donations on Razoo

Yes, Razoo can accept international donations! Keep these things in mind when making an international donation:

  • is a U.S. site, so all donations are in U.S. dollars. Be aware of the exchange rate for your currency before making your contribution. Additionally, other international banking fees may apply. These are separate from Razoo and are charged directly by your bank.
  • When entering your information, select your country first so that the appropriate address fields populate. 
  • Our FULL desktop website (not our mobile site or widget) is currently the most compatible with international donations. Donors having issues should try to complete their transaction on our desktop site.
  • People traveling may receive an error code of K-835. These errors protect the donor and the organization, and occur on a case-by-case basis. If you get this error, please contact us so we can make the appropriate adjustments to allow your donation to process correctly.
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