--Why is RazooDonations.org on my Credit Card?


Razoo is an online crowdfunding platform which helps nonprofit organizations throughout the United States, as well as personal fundraisers support their own causes! There are over a million organizations and fundraisers in our database that can accept donations using our safe and secure platform.

When you make a donation, the funds are handled through a donor-advised fund operated by The Razoo Foundation. The Razoo Foundation then handles disbursing the donation to the intended organization once a month. This is why "RazooDonations.org" is on your credit card statement. At the time of donation, each donor is also sent an email receipt and confirmation with their donation information, such as who they donated to, how much, and tax-deductible information!

What Cause Did I Donate To?

It can be easy to forget exactly who you may have donated to months ago, so here are a few ways to figure out what organization received your donation:

  1. Check Your User Account History: If you were logged in when you made the donation, the donation will be automatically stored in your donation history. Login (http://www.razoo.com/login) and click your user icon in the top right corner of Razoo, and navigate to the "My Donations" tab to see your donation history. 

  2. Check Your Email: Sometimes a receipt that comes in gets misplaced or forgotten - try searching for "do-not-reply@razoo.com". Also, those emails sometimes end up in spam/junk/promotion folders, so please check there too.

  3. Send an Email to Support@razoo.com: If you were unable to find the donation, do not worry! Just contact our Customer Support team with the information below and we can let you know your donation details, and even resend a copy of the receipt if needed:
    • Donor name(s)
    • Date of the donation (date on credit card, approximate)
    • How much the donation was for
    • Additional for verification and not always needed:
      • The last 4 digits of the card used
      • Billing address

    This information will allow us to search our system, find the transaction, and pull up the general donation information like the Organization and cause you donated to. 

Thank you for your generosity!

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  • Avatar
    Caroline Fribance

    I accidentally made a donation twice, during the same transaction. I cancelled one, but the total listed that will be charged to my credit card is for double the amount donated, i.e. the amount before I cancelled one of them. I do not want to proceed through because it appears that I will be charged twice as much as I want to donate.

  • Avatar
    Josh Thompson

    Thanks for reaching out, Caroline. I just sent you an email regarding your donation!

  • Avatar
    carla cativo

    I have been charged recently 3x plus the donation i wanted to give i think was an error of the site as keep telling me error im happy to donate the $50 only one time but not to be charge 3x and my bank been left to zeros i have emailed razoo so please sort it out and refund me my 3x that i was charged i love to help charities and donate frequently to other charities in UK never had a problem .

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