--Can I reset the totals that currently appear on my Nonprofit/Fundraiser/Team page?

Nonprofit/Project/Fundraiser Page:

Anyone who wants to "reset" or reuse a page from a prior event can do so by utilizing the "Start Counting From, Metrics" feature. This is in the MANAGE PAGE > Edit tab > Advanced Options.

1. Navigate to the Admin Panel of your Nonprofit/Fundraiser Page by selecting 'Manage Page' at the top of it



2. Scroll to the bottom of the 'Edit' tab to the Advanced Options


Advanced Options section...


You can change the date to be the new start date to count new donations for this year's campaign using the 'Start Counting From' field. To quickly reset and show ALL donation history and totals, simply select 'Start from beginning(reset).' For Nonprofit pages only: You can choose whether or not to display offline donations from Projects/Fundraisers associated with your organization by checking the box labeled 'Offline Donations.' You can also choose to have the total amount raised through your organization by checking the 'Display Amount Raised' box.

When utilizing the Metrics area, donations from a prior time period will still be in the history, but will not reflect in the amount raised section.

3. Save your page 


Team Pages:

When you create a Team page on Razoo, its fundraising amounts cannot be reset at any time (additionally, no changes can be made to a Team page once its end date has passed). For a Fundraiser/Project attached to a Team that has passed its end date, any new donations that come through that page will still reflect on and update the progress bar, though the Team page totals will not update. The new donation will add to the old total.

If you are looking to start fresh with new totals, then you will want to create a new Team page. Only after you have deleted your old Team campaign will Fundraisers be able to reset their metrics - at that point, an old Fundraiser with reset totals can then be attached to your NEW Team page.

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