--Now that my fundraiser has ended, how do I receive the funds?

When fundraising on behalf of a charity on Razoo, you should note that the funds you raise will go directly to the charity organization.

Donations received in the current month are batched and re-granted by the Razoo Foundation around the 10th of the following month to the charity attached to the fundraiser. That means, for example, if a donation was made in the month of June, then the disbursement check is normally sent on or around July 10.

Checks are mailed to the address as listed on the main organization page on Razoo.com unless your organization has set up an electronic funds transfer (www.razoo.com/EFT).

If you are interested in obtaining the funds raised through your fundraiser, then you will need to contact the main organization in order to request a re-grant of those funds. The organization will have record of all donations made through the fundraiser on their master donor report (accessible to the nonprofit's Razoo admin), and you can always use the donor report from your own fundraiser to cross-reference.


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