--Customizable Donation Widget

Accept donations directly from your own external website with no redirects by embedding Razoo's donation widget. The donation widget is customizable, enabling you to match your current website's look, program suggested donation amounts, and more. This widget is not tied to your Facebook Widget, which cannot be customized at this time.

Steps to Install Your Donation Widget

  • Check with your server and domain host, as well as your HTML editor, to make sure that your website or blog accepts and renders external Javascript. The widget cannot be installed if your editor does not accept external Javascript. Unable to run Javascript or don't have a website? Set up a page for your cause on Facebook and install our Facebook Donation Widget - no computer programming experience required!
  • Select 'Manage Page' to access your organization or fundraiser's Admin Panel on Razoo, and choose the "Share" tab from the menu to access the widget editor. Make your customizations using the tools provided. Be sure to click "Generate Widget" when you're done!



  • Copy and paste the HTML code provided into your webpage or blog editor, and you're done!


  • Here's a preview:



For more information on how to share and promote your page, please view this video.

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    Jonathan Goldford

    If at any point you're looking to add the Donation Widget to your WordPress website you may want to check out the Simple Razoo Donations plugin we just released at http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/simple-razoo-donations/.

    And of course, if you have feedback on how we can improve the plugin we're happy to hear it through the WordPress support forums.

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