--How to Manage Your Nonprofit's Organization Page on Razoo

There's a lot you can do in your organization page, and in this article we'll learn how to manage your page.

To manage your nonprofit's page and become an administrator, you need to first claim your nonprofit's page

In this article, we'll talk about the back-end of your nonprofit page. To access your nonprofit organization's page, log in to your user account (www.razoo.com/login), and then select 'My Organization' from your user icon (default a grey elephant) at the top-right of the page.


To access your administrative panel, you will want to select 'Manage Page.'  


The Administrative Panel

1. View

This tab displays what your page looks like to the public. It is the default view.

2. Edit

Under the "edit" section, you can insert text about your organization.

The Summary section affects search rankings, so be sure to use your organization name and terms that may be associated with your organization and mission. Changes made to any item in the Organization Information box (org name, org address, website, email address, & summary) will take about 15-20 minutes to update.

The Tell Your Story section can be up to 5000 characters long (this includes all HTML characters that will automatically be applied), and can accommodate basic HTML formatting. Be sure to click "save" after making any changes. To minimize frustration, draft your content in an external editor and copy/paste your content that way.

Under Set Your Goals, you can add suggested donation amounts, and any description text you'd like. You can have many suggested donation amounts, but please be aware that only the first three suggested donation amounts will be displayed on any donation widget you may choose to create.

Organization Information is obtained from the IRS, which is synced to the Razoo database. If you would like to update your name, please email support@razoo.com with supporting documentation, and we will be happy to update your information. If you would like to modify your address, please click the Change Address button under 'Disbursement Address Change Request.'

If your organization has a DBA or goes by multiple names, you can use the 'Alias' fields to update that information. The names won't show to the public, but donors will be able to find your organization if they search using those terms. Please keep in mind that it takes about 15-20 minutes for the search system to update.

Categories determine which search categories your organization is listed under. 

Advanced Options

  • Your Web Address on Razoo: Allows you to customize your organization's URL. Please note that it can be updated only once, and the URL will still begin with www.razoo.com/story/. If you've updated your URL, and need to update it again, please contact support@razoo.com, and we'll be happy to help you make one additional update.
  • Metrics: Here, you can set the date from which donations will start counting on your page. You can also opt to show the dollar amount that your organization has raised, as well as include offline donations in that displayed amount.

3. Images/Videos

This section allows you to upload images, or link to videos from YouTube or Vimeo. 

To upload pictures, click the "Browse" button under the Add Images section. When uploading pictures please be sure they are less than 5MB in size. The current gallery size is 745 x 570 px. Thumbnails for user accounts are based on a square, so the best fit will be any square size.

Once you have uploaded all the photos you want, you can drag and drop them so they will appear in your preferred order. To use an image as your organization's thumbnail throughout the site, just click the radio button "Use this image as my thumbnail". Please note that the thumbnail pictures are square, so if the image you select to use as a thumbnail is not square, it will be distorted. You can also choose to use the image in your gallery alongside the rest of your photos by clicking "Also, use this in my gallery".

To update your search tile image, you can simply choose the image that you want and drag it so that it is the image immediately after your thumbnail image in your gallery. You will need at least two pictures in your gallery in order for your search tile image to populate.

To Add Videos to your gallery, just copy and paste the URL of the video you'd like to feature from YouTube.com or Vimeo.com into the box, and click "Save". A thumbnail of the video will appear, and you can move it around your gallery. Since videos are usually the most gripping element of your story, we recommend placing videos first in your gallery.

*Please be aware that captions are no longer supported on images or videos.

Here's more information about adding images and videos.


4. Thank Donors

Razoo allows you to customize a Donation Thank You Video and a Donation Thank You Email. Read about these options here!

We encourage nonprofits to reach out to their donors personally. You can view contact information for your donors in your Donations Report, explained below, or via this post.

Here is a video walk-through of how to customize the Thank You message!

5. Share

This tab is your one-stop shop for social sharing. Here's an outline of the features located in this part of your page.

  • Post to Facebook If you are logged into your Facebook profile and click this button, it opens up a window to post a link to your profile page.
  • Share on Twitter If you are logged into Twitter, clicking will automatically open up a customizable tweet to share with your followers. Since every character counts on Twitter, feel free to use a service like Bit.ly to shorten your URL. 
  • Send an Email This button opens your computer's default email client and automatically inserts a link to your page in the body of the message. You will need to choose the recipients of the message, as well as customizing the body of the message.

    If you do not use your computer's default mail client, this option will not save you much time. We would encourage you to compose an email using whatever client you prefer, and insert a personal email with a request to support. 

QR Codes These codes can be printed or displayed on a screen and can help smartphone users get to your web page. You can get multiple sizes of QR code - just click the "See More QR Codes" button to see them.

Donation Widget This is a very useful tool that can be placed on external web pages that allow donors to process their entire donation without leaving the website. Please click here for more information about the widget. We also offer a way for you to embed this widget into your Facebook organization page

Donate Buttons These buttons are simple features that can be added onto external webpages. Clicking it will take a user straight to your Razoo.com page. Click "See More Buttons" to see more options.


6. Donations

The Donations tab is where you can view and download your total donation activity. 

The Donations Listing automatically defaults to the last 30 days of donation history. If you've received donations but they are not showing up, please adjust the dates in the "Filter Results" box, and then click "Filter Results". 


If you would like to see donations as they correspond to your Disbursement Checks, just select the appropriate date from the Disbursement Date drop down box. Follow these instructions to view your disbursement reports.

To sign up for Electronic Funds Transfer, click "Disbursements", then click Sign up for EFT. (Or go here)

At the bottom of the page, you can Download all donation history as a Spreadsheet. This includes all available information, exported as a CSV, which can be easily imported into Excel or any CRM software you use.

For fundraiser pages or project pages, you have the option of adding offline donations. An organization page does not display how much money has been raised, and therefore has no need to add offline donations. Here are instructions on adding an offline donation on a project or fundraiser page.


7. Matching Grants

Matching Grants encourage donors to be more generous, because they know that every dollar they donate generates two for their cause.

It's up to you to find a matching grantor. Once you've obtained one, you can enter their name, email address, and amount under the Set Up a Matching Grant box. If you'd rather administrate the matching grant directly, enter YOUR email address when you set up the grant. 

The Start and End fields determine when the matching grant is visible on your page, and when it disappears. If it is fulfilled before the end date, it will display a message saying "This Matching Grant has been fulfilled", but that message (and the grant) will become invisible to the public 24 hours after being fulfilled.

Please note that even if you secure multiple matching grants, you can have only one displayed at a time. If you secure a $1000 and a $2500 matching grant, we would encourage you to set up a $3500 matching grant. The Name and Email fields are visible only to page administrators, so you can either leave them blank, or enter your own contact information.

When a matching grant is used up, an email is automatically sent to the email address associated with that grant, encouraging the grantor to make a credit card donation on the organization page. The grantor can donate the funds through any channel, at any time. There is no requirement that it be by credit card, or on the Razoo platform. This email serves only as a reminder/notification email. 

Once you Add a Matching Grant you can close it at any time, but you cannot open a closed grant.

Click here for more information about matching grants. 


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