--How do I customize or shorten my URL?

How to Customize your URL

You can customize your URL on Razoo.com! The beginning of your URL cannot be customized, but you can customize how it ends

For example, the organization Seeds of Change would typically have the default URL of www.razoo.com/story/Seeds-Of-Change

If they want to, they could customize the end of their URL to an abbreviation, or anything else. They could choose to be www.razoo.com/story/soc

Follow these steps to customize your URL. Please be aware that you can customize it only once.

  1. Log into the user account with Admin rights to that page on Razoo.com
  2. Select "My Organization" from the user icon (by default a grey elephant) in the upper right hand corner
  3. Select the 'Manage Page' button
  4. Scroll down to "Advanced Options" and customize your URL there.

Please note the following:

  • If the URL you choose is already in use, you'll get an error message and have to try something different. All URL assignments become permanently tied to a page, even after it has been deleted from our site.
  • The Admin can customize the URL only once - you cannot customize it again. If it still needs to be changed again, reach out to us at support@razoo.com. We have the option to make one additional change for you if required.
  • The old URL will still work and redirect to your new URL. Don't worry about links that you've sent out in the past - they will still work! 
  • The URL will always adjust to our form of only the first letter of each word capitalized. You can send the link however you'd like. For example: www.razoo.com/story/SOC will still go to the same page as www.razoo.com/story/soC
  • You can also shorten any URL on Razoo.com by removing the "/story" from the URL. So, in the prior example, www.razoo.com/story/soc could be shortened to razoo.com/soc, and it will bring donors to that page!

Now it's your turn!

If you have any questions, please let us know! We're happy to help.

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    Gwendellin Bradshaw

    When I check out advanced options there is no place to customize the URL. Is there another way?

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