--Set up/Manage/Update a Recurring Donation

Razoo enables donors to automatically process donations weekly, monthly, or annually. That’s because we believe regular giving is part of a happy life. 

  • Choose your desired frequency at checkout.




  • Your recurring donation will now appear in your donation activity in your user profile.


  • A reminder will be emailed to you before each subsequent instance of your recurring donation. Each time a donation is processed, you will be automatically emailed a receipt. You will also be notified should your card on file expire before the next time you're scheduled to make a donation. Should you ever choose to cancel your recurring donation, you may do so by logging in, navigating to "My Donations" and selecting the link shown above to stop donations.

To Update/Cancel Your Recurring Donation

When a recurring donation is made, it gets tied to the credit card used. In order to update your credit card information, you'll need to cancel your recurring donation and make another donation with your updated credit card details. This is currently the only way to update your information. You can follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Razoo user account: https://www.razoo.com/login 
  2. Navigate to your profile through your user icon in the upper right (by default a grey elephant) and select 'Edit Profile'
  3. Click the 'My Donations' tab and click 'Stop Donations' under your recurring donation* (if are canceling your donation, then no need to continue through the steps).
  4. Navigate to the nonprofit's page on Razoo OR click 'Donate Again' under your Donation History
  5. Make a new donation and enter in your credit card information with the correct payment details**

*If your recurring donation failed to process, then your old recurring donation would have automatically been cancelled.
**Please note, when setting up the new donation, a donation is processed at that time. If you are planning on making it at a later date/next period, we suggest you create a calendar reminder with this information so that you can continue to donate at your current/correct interval(s).

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