--How to Manage your Charitable Team on Razoo

Teams are a very powerful feature on Razoo. If you use the Teams feature to raise funds collectively, you will increase the reach of your campaign!   

What is a Team campaign?

This video may be the best place to get a good overview of the Teams feature. Watch that, then read the rest of this article.

Team campaigns are special pages on Razoo that have a leaderboard. Teams encourage friendly competition amongst participants fundraising for causes and events such as walkathons, marathons, and service trips. 

This is an example of what a Team campaign will look like. 



To read more about how to create a team, please go to these articles:

Managing a Team Page

The Razoo user account that creates the Team campaign page will automatically become the Team captain. If more than one person is managing the Team campaign, you should share this login information with those who wish to have access.

We'll go over each of the blue tabs that the Team captain will see, on the backend of the Team page.



This tab shows you what your page currently looks like. Until team members join your team and create fundraisers that are listed on the leaderboard, your page may be empty. 


The Essentials

This section contains your Team TitleTeam Headline, and Detailed summary about your Team campaign. Feel free to experiment!

Goal & Timeframe

The Goal Amount is self-explanatory. Aim high, but we generally recommend keeping it under $50,000,000.  :) 

The Team Timeframe sets the start and end date for the team. When the team is within that time frame, a countdown timer will be visible. When the time ends, your team page will not be able to accept new fundraisers, and all the information related to how much has been raised will freeze, even though the individual fundraiser pages can still accept additional donations.

Another note about this timeframe: Whatever information is visible here overrides any of the fundraiser timeframe options. All of the Team's participant fundraisers will have the same timeline.


The Designation section allows you to set an official designation for all the raised funds. This will "tag" each donation as having been made to a "general fund", or a "spring fundraising campaign", or "hurricane relief" or "fight cancer", or whatever text you decide to insert. You can leave it blank, and let the fundraiser decide.


Additional Options for Your Team

  • Leaderboard Order allows you to determine how your leaderboard is ranked. Most organizations choose to rank the leaderboard by dollar amount, but you can rank by the greatest Number of Unique Donors or Team Member Name (Alphabetical)
  • The Logo Image will appear if there is no banner image. Any image uploaded in this section will be square, and fairly small.
  • Using the Web Address form, you can customize your page's web address. Let's say you named your team "Pulling together for Mike and his family" - your team's URL will default to "www.razoo.com/team/ pulling-together-for-mike-and-his-family". You could customize the URL to something like www.razoo.com/team/Mikesfamily"
  • Allow Fundraisers to Enter Offline Donations allows your individual fundraisers to enter donations they've collected not through Razoo. If a team member receives a check for $100, this feature allows the fundraiser to still record that contribution. Verification of offline donations is up to you.

Banner Image

The Banner Image uploaded in this tab is the long image that stretches across the top of the page. The suggested dimension is 931x140 pixels. Feel free to use an easy image cropping tool like www.picresize.com to crop a picture to the correct dimensions.

Email Team

This section allows you to send an email to all participant fundraisers who have joined your Team. It can be useful, especially if you have a lot of fundraisers that are part of your Team, or if you don't know the contact info of all the fundraisers.

Fundraiser Template

In this section, you can create default content that appears when new participants join and create their own fundraisers. You can create a Default Summary, Default Story, and a Default Goal for them. If they want to modify any of this information, they can.


The Donations Listing is where you can see all donations made to any fundraiser that is part of your team. The Default View is the last 30 days, so if you're looking for donations that are more than 30 days old, you will have to adjust the "From" date field to farther back in time and click the Filter Results button. 

Offline Donations allow you to manage and view any offline donations created for your team members. You can add offline donations to individual fundraisers, and if they have added any of their own, you can see them here. In order to use this feature, you must Allow Fundraisers to Enter Offline Donations, a feature available under the "Edit" tab. 


Helpful Tip: You'll notice that the main Team campaign page does not have a "donate" button on it. This is because the Team page lists individual fundraising pages - all donations must be directed through an individual fundraising page. If you click on any of the listed fundraisers, you'll be taken to a fundraiser that will accept donations. If you make a donation, it will be added to individual fundraiser, which will boost the total raised by the Team as well.

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    Is there a way to turn off the email notifications each time a someone makes a donation?

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    Josh Thompson

    That's a good question - right now there is no way to turn off email notifications for organization admins, but you can create an email "filter" to keep those emails from popping up in your inbox: 

    There should be an unsubscribe link at the bottom of these messages. If it is not there, I apologize - we're working on getting it added. This leaves us with two options:

    1. You could set up a filter to automatically delete incoming messages from Razoo. Check out the link below for instructions on how to do this:



    Alternatively, we could delete you as an admin for the page. This may not be an ideal solution, though.

    Either way, please let us know if we can do anything else for you!

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