--How to Start/Create a Team Campaign Page

What is a team fundraiser, exactly?

This video may be the best place to get a good overview of teams. Watch that, then read the rest of this article.

A Team campaign on Razoo is perfect if you're fundraising for races or charity events, like a marathons, bike rides, and service trips - anything where you will have multiple people raising money for the same cause or event.

A Team page comes with a leaderboard, one-click fundraiser templates, and a real-time donation and comments feed, making it easy to keep track of your Team's overall progress. The creator of the Team campaign becomes the official Team Captain. The ideal Team captain is the person coordinating the fundraising event. A Team captain can invite others to join the team, add images to the main page, view donation reports for the event and participants, and add offline donations on behalf of Team participants.

Step by Step Guide to Creating Your Team Campaign

1. Create an individual Razoo user account (www.razoo.com/signup) or log in to your existing user account (www.razoo.com/login).

2. Set up your Team page by clicking the green 'Create a Team' button here.

3. Fill out "The Essentials" for your Team:


4. You can also order the Leaderboard by Dollar Amount, Number of Unique Donors, or Team Member Name


Voila! Here's an example of a Team page:

You can manage the content of your Team page by using the Tabs labeled, Edit and Banner Image. 

You can also create a Fundraiser Template so that any new participant who joins your Team can start with pre-filled text.

For directions on how to join a Team, please see How to Join a Team Fundraiser. Be sure to click the 'Share' button to promote your page!




Other Notes about the Team feature:

  • At this time, Team pages can be created for Nonprofit Fundraisers on Razoo. This feature is not available for Personal Cause Fundraisers.
  • The Team page cannot collect donations directly. Donations must be made through a participant on the leaderboard. See this forum post for more information.



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    Under "Other Notes" at the bottom, it says "See this forum post for more information", but there's no link to the forum post.

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